Local media coverage of the Action! Eugene,OR~ The all volunteer organization Daisy C.H.A.I.N. Creating Healthy Alliances In New-Mothering announces the launch of their “Action for Public Breastfeeding Awareness.” Beginning Monday April 15, 2013 volunteers will reach out to the over 440 businesses in the zip code 97401, introducing the organization and asking businesses to place … More PUBLIC BREASTFEEDING AWARENESS!

Women in Leadership

from Community Vitality Volume XIII Issue I Spring 2013, Ford Institute For Community Building When we look to our communities for leadership, action and coalition building it is important for everyone to keep in mind that strengths take many forms. “Men and women lead differently, with different strengths and different priorities. The Ford Institute for … More Women in Leadership

Superfood For Babies

      “All countries should put breastfeeding at the center of efforts to improve infant and child nutrition, and should develop specific breastfeeding strategies as well as including breastfeeding in their nutrition strategies. “     “We estimate that 830,000 deaths could be avoided if every baby were breastfeed within the first hour of … More Superfood For Babies