About Us

Daisy C.H.A.I.N. Creating Healthy Alliances In New-Mothering is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the community with research and evidence-based education and professional support services for New-Mothers and their families. All women deserve access to breastfeeding support and doula care from qualified members of their community.

Nourish by Angeleah Irene Congdon

Our co-founders have shared 25 years of friendship, the joys and challenges of pregnancy and motherhood, as well as a passion for community activism.  As teenagers working together for 4 years, managing and editing their high school newspaper as well as writing a monthly column delving into critical social theory, Jennie Hawthorn Mayes and Jaclyn A Mahoney knew their paths would one day take them into a career of public service and advocacy.

Posing for their newspaper column “To Sir, With Love” (1995)

Both women are college graduates and consider themselves to be lifelong learners.  During the course of their university experience, Jaclyn and Jennie began their journey as mothers, giving birth to 5 children between the 2 of them.  After college Jennie gave birth to two more children. The writings of Ina May Gaskin and Shiela Kitzinger were a few of the voices which helped to shape their understandings of pregnancy, birth and labor.

Summer 2005 breastfeeding their firstborns

Their personal evolutions as new-mothers brought them to seek training as postpartum doulas through Doulas of North America (DONA).  Ms Hawthorn Mayes pursued training in the field of lactation, while Ms Mahoney expanded on her gifts for writing and publishing.

Graduation day with daughters Maxine and Iris

The writings and activism of Jane Addams and Ellen Star served to help shape and inspire her chosen career path. Ms Mahoney interned at USC with the “American Quarterly,” the journal of the American Studies Association, and she has been published on the subject of infant foods, images of mothers in media, and the water-cure movement. In 2008, she won the Earl James Weaver Graduate Essay award for her writings.  Ms Mahoney is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Business Management from the University of Oregon.

Ms Hawthorn Mayes received her BA with honors in Native American Studies from Humboldt State University. The course of her studies, being immersed in ground-breaking curriculum and under the guidance of three highly accomplished and inspirational professors brought Ms Hawthorn Mayes to engage in new levels of social and academic activism.  During her MA coursework in Applied Women’s Studies at Claremont Graduate University she gained the practical and real world experience of interning at California Indian Legal Services Escondido and Center for the Study of Political Graphics Los Angeles, these internships, the inspiring leaders she worked with their and professors she learned from helped shape her plans to establish a non-profit organization.

Graduation 2009

In ’08 Ms Hawthorn Mayes began her formal lactation training with Gini Baker in the distinguished program offered through UCSD Extension.  During the 300 hour  clinical internship component of her training, Ms Hawthorn Mayes had the privilege to learn from Lisa M Walters long-time breastfeeding advocate and the IBCLC staff at Healthy Beginnings clinic.  In ’09 Ms Hawthorn Mayes co-curated an art exhibit, “Looking Left”, which included the breastfeeding artwork “Nourish” by Angeleah Irene Congdon, alongside artwork from Ester Hernandez, Ben Shawn and Fritz Scholder. Later that same year she passed the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) examination which is the premier, internationally recognized measure of knowledge in lactation consulting.

Jaclyn A Mahoney is the daughter of Kittie and Bill Mahoney, and sister to Debbie, Danielle, and Jennifer. She is also a mother to three beautiful daughters, Maxine, Daisy, and Iris who inspire all the good work she does.

Mahoney siblings

Jennie Hawthorn Mayes is the daughter of Cheryl and Dennis Mack, and sister to Nicole, Edward and Vincent. She is also a mother to four amazing children, Desmond, Maya, Violet and Daphne with her husband Chris.

Jennie’s siblings
Jaclyn and Jennie with keys and lease to the Neighborhood New-Mothering Center

Amidst devastating personal losses and life-challenges, Jaclyn and Jennie have maintained a strong friendship, watched their children thrive and grow together, and have now embarked on their latest adventure: co-founding and running the non-profit organization Daisy C.H.A.I.N. Creating Healthy Alliances In New-Mothering.  Jaclyn and Jennie share a 2.5 – 5 year commitment of volunteering for the organization while it becomes established and sets down deep roots.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. We haven’t had the pleasure yet to meet Jaclyn, but Jennie has been a god-sent gift to our family. The knowledge, dedication, compassion, and reassuring presence she brings to lactation consulting are nearly unrivaled. She makes us feel like we are her only priority. Really, all we can say is that she is simply amazing! Thank you for providing our community with your wonderful gifts. We are truly blessed and know that Daisy C.H.A.I.N will thrive! We love you

    1. Loving comments like yours are a real treat! An integral part of the work I do as an IBCLC is connecting with lovely families. Your perspective on the care I provide is an important validation that our organization is valued and needed. I am so pleased that you chose to comment. Thank you.

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